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Announcing a New Partnership With Vidsy

We've partnered with leading video platform Vidsy to transform how brands create and measure video advertising content at scale

Claire Rawnsley

The creative advertising industry has been forced into an increasingly complex production process with six times more ads being created today than 20 years past. With an ever-growing mix of platforms and channels, marketers are required to generate content efficiently, consistently, and at breakneck speed. The more complex the content, the harder it becomes to scale. 

For video ads, this means not only generating an endless lineup of new content (including video assets, copy, other graphics, etc.) but ensuring that every ad meets a brand’s quality standards while optimizing for maximum effectiveness. The rise of the freelance creators and creative automation have empowered many businesses to execute processes quickly while maintaining quality and affordability.

Today we’re announcing a strategic partnership with Vidsy, ​​a technology platform that links brands with content creators to produce original mobile video ads. With Vidsy, we are bringing speed, quality, and cost closer together for brands that are leveraging video ads. By harnessing 8000+ creators in Vidsy’s community, brands can source and scale content in ways previously impossible or unaffordable to maintain in-house. While generating video ads can be done quickly and affordably, what about quality?

This answer is where CreativeX and our technology come into the picture. The partnership will help brands ensure every Vidsy video ad meets established quality standards by streamlining the creative process and measurement into one workflow. Just as generating content at scale requires resources like crowdsourcing and automation to reduce time-to-market, so too does measuring creative quality objectively and based on data.

CreativeX and Vidsy both help brands tackle the challenges around content creation. This partnership solves the lack of efficiency that results from creating and measuring assets on different platforms. Streamlining this process drives costs down even further while ensuring quality and speed enabled by technology. 

Why is measuring quality important? Our research demonstrates that content with a high Creative Quality Score (content that adopts statistically-proven creative elements such as platform best practices) is linked to reduced CPMs, lower Cost per Completed Views (CPCVs), and improved ad recall. 

Partnerships like the one between CreativeX and Vidsy are making it possible for brand advertisers to generate content with speed, quality, and affordability. We see significant opportunities ahead to continue refining the creative process and enabling brands to reach consumers effectively based on popular formats like video regardless of the channel. To read more about the partnership, you can view the announcement here.