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Our Story

Truth be told, CreativeX was a happy accident born out of endless optimization and experimentation for my first business, Hatch.co. Through our brutal, no-stone-left-unturned efforts to grow revenue, we started measuring how the content of an image impacted its performance, only to find that marketing performance varied quite significantly based on what was inside each image we showed to our users. We began making decisions about creating, posting, and promoting imagery based on the data we were gathering, and lo & behold, revenue (finally) started going up.That’s when a group of wiser-than-us investors approached us and kindly pointed out that we were probably in the wrong business, that millions of companies struggle to understand how and why users react to their imagery the way they do. At a time when marketers have never had to be more data-driven to succeed, the creative still remained a mystery to many, and we had accidentally stumbled on a way to gather real, actionable creative insights that led to deeper audience understanding, with performance impact to boost. We huddled around and decided that a company that gave people cool insights to make smarter creative decisions was exactly the kind of company we wanted to build.

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