Obi Ijomah

on working at CreativeX

Introduce yourself. How long have you been working at CreativeX? What team are you currently a part of?

My name is Obi and I’ve been at CreativeX for 5 years. I am an Associate Product Designer on our Product team.

How would you describe your role?

My job is to help users achieve their goals within the product as easily and delightfully as possible.

What Creativex value do you appreciate the most and why?

I really enjoy the culture that’s been created here. For example, I appreciate our value, Work for Outcomes, Not Hours. It makes our work feel autonomous. If your work is done, you can take initiative on projects that interest you which I enjoy.

When you reflect on your last 5 years at CreativeX, what was the most creative thing you’ve built?

Before I was a Product Designer, I was in operations and part of my job was to invite users to our platform. The invites were sent 1 by 1; it was a time consuming process. I came up with a bulk invitation feature that would allow our system to ingest a CSV containing many users and automatically invite them to our product. It saved a bunch of time. Projects like that remind me of how much working here has helped me become more strategic with my creativity.

How has your career growth been supported at CreativeX?

My growth has been supported since I started. Something I appreciate about working here is that there are a lot of opportunities to grow in any direction you choose. When I first told Anastasia [our CEO] that I wanted to go to the Product team, I was encouraged to speak to Dale [the team lead]. He treated me like a traditional candidate, which allowed me to go through the full interview process. He was very supportive the whole way through. I was given a design project to complete as part of the process and I was really nervous about it. I was so nervous that I reached out to a mentor from a design class outside of CreativeX for advice. He told me that I was not ready for the role and that I shouldn't even try to get the position. Luckily, the encouragement I felt here helped me to go for it anyway and I got it.

What traits do you think a person needs to be successful at CreativeX?

Adaptable, flexible and open minded. You need to be the kind of person that sees problems and wants to point them out and fix them. It’s a great culture if you are a self starter. You get the opportunity to stretch your abilities and your mind by trying new things. If you have ideas and like to see them through, you’ll do well here.

If you could share a piece of wisdom with someone considering working at CreativeX, what would it be?

CreativeX does not discourage dabbling in other projects outside of your role so if you are interested in something, pursue it because progress can come from anywhere.

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