How Heineken increased creative effectiveness with CreativeX

Over two-thirds of Heineken’s communication effectiveness relies on the creative elements in their content. Learn how they increased communication effectiveness worldwide with CreativeX.

Guest Speakers

Bram Reukers

Global Smart Creative Lead

Sander Bosch

Global CMI Manager of Communication Effectiveness (Global Commerce)

The Challenge

Heineken, a 150-year old company operating in over 190 markets with more than 300 brands needed a way to run consistent and effective advertising at scale. To develop this capability, they first used CreativeX technology to analyze hundreds of Heineken’s image and video elements across 190 campaigns, looking at 15 key creative elements including whether branding or people were present.

Having mapped their creative elements to business impact, Heineken then deployed CreativeX technology across their brands, markets, and agency partners to measure creative quality globally and in real-time.

Customer Success Stories


essential creative elements mapped to brand uplift


increase to Creative Quality Score


incremental lift to brand value on Facebook

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