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Protect your brand with compliant content

Encode local regulatory guidelines straight into your creative production

Why Compliance matters

With heavy localization and evolving regulation across industries worldwide, helping creative review run efficiently is as important to brand equity as your creative production.

We can capture and localize your current (and upcoming) regulatory compliance guidelines in technology that automatically checks live content in real-time—empowering teams to catch and fix non-compliant creative early.

De-risk your creative production

Track adoption of regulatory compliance by brand, market or campaign

Simple yet powerful features

A true benchmark for regulatory compliance
Aligned understanding of latest guidelines across agency partners and in-house teams.
Adjust new guidelines centrally, apply locally
Track uptake of new or adjusted guidelines on all your content worldwide—in real-time.
Complete customization to market and brand
Weigh and tailor guidelines to your organization's priorities.
Direct account integration
Plug directly into DAMs or ad accounts to automatically review new and current creatives.

Trackable Guidelines

A selection of guidelines partners track using our technology

Product Disclaimers
Terms and Conditions
Misleading Claims
Moderate Language
Product Usage
Functional Claim
Alcohol Usage
Warning Clause
Religious Subjects
Product Consumption
And more

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