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It's not even close: the vast majority of your audience’s opinions and decisions are based on the visual content you put out. Yet, creative development and optimization remain almost entirely subjective and devoid of data. As a result, the why behind visual performance remains impossible to unearth at scale. Picasso Labs’ innovative technology analyzes creatives for over 100,000 visual attributes and applies industry specific image recognition to determine exactly which visual cues drive performance across all your images + videos, on all the channels you care about.

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Performance Uplift By Visual Attribute For Instagram Creative

Social Media

Do away with guesswork by leveraging our AI and machine learning technology to understand which visual cues, colors, objects, and themes increase audience engagement.

Paid Social & Paid Display

By combining performance, visual, and audience data, Picasso Labs exposes the visual preferences of your audience and calculates exactly which attributes increase performance metrics you care about in the exact audience segments that matter most.

Top Performaing Facebook Ad Creatives by Visual Category
Analysis Of Email Content

Email Marketing

Subject line and call to action optimization are only the tip of the iceberg. Step up your email game by measuring what really matters: how consumers respond to every single visual element in your emails.

Web Properties

Having a stunning e-commerce website is no longer enough. Measure the precise impact of every creative decision you make and its impact on favorites, add to carts, and sales.

Analysis Of Owned Content vs. Earned Content

Take your visuals to the next level.

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