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With over 1 trillion photos posted in the last year alone, the majority of communication between consumers, brands, and influencers is done through imagery and video. Still, social listening tools rely almost exclusively on contextual data to understand what matters to consumers. By applying visual recognition to images and videos, we tap into why (and when, where, with whom, and how) consumers are communicating about your brand, even when they’re not describing it with words.

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Competitor Tracking

Tap into all the publicly-available images & videos shared by your competitors to understand what they’re doing that you’re not, how their strategy is evolving, and what’s resonating with their audience.

Heatmap Visualizing Performance Variance By Visual Category Across Competitor Brands
Most Frequently Featured Products: Me vs. Competitor

Consumer Insights

Picasso Labs combines contextual and visual data to reveal how consumers in every corner of the world visually represent your brand, your industry, or even a general theme.

Influencer Selection

Influencers don’t buy your product, their audiences do. Analyze influencer historical content to ensure brand-audience fit and make sure you’re not wasting your money on off-brand relationships.

Influencer Monitoring

Unearth insights from millions of consumer, competitor, and influencer images.

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