Scale Great Creative Decision Making

Ensure every creative is set up for success.

Your single source of truth for tracking creative investment, efficiency, and effectiveness across images and videos worldwide.

The problem

Brands are tripling the amount of image and video content produced, forcing marketers to walk a tight rope between staying on-brand while adhering to ever-changing platform best practices. Failure to do so is a missed opportunity to be seen by your consumers and hurts both efficiency and ROI. Technology can help.

Our system learns what 'excellent' content means to your organization by using custom detection to automate your creative best practices and detect, in real-time, when assets meet your standard of excellence and when they don't to improve content efficiency and effectiveness at scale.

How we help

Pre-flight evaluation

Remove the guesswork by automating your creative review process to ensure every image and video produced meets your brand's standard of excellence.

In-flight evaluation

Gain a real-time and historical view into your image and video content at scale to measure creative quality and media efficiency.

What we measure

Creative Consistency

Measure adherence to creative best practices.

Media Efficiency

Easily spot where creative execution is hurting the brand or the bottom line.

Global Accountability

Track best practice adherence by market, brand, agency, and more.